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Run Perl under IIS

In earlier versions of ActivePerl you had to configure IIS yourself. The newer version comes with a “ap-iis-config.bat” file to configure IIS automatically.

To install Perl on a Windows 8.1 machine with IIS8.5:

  1. Download latest version on: ActiveState.com.
    I’ve used the Perl 64-bit version for windows
  2. Run the installation and use the default C:\Perl64 folder.
  3. Run Command Prompt (admin) under Windows start (Windows-key + x) and go to: C:\Perl64\bin
  4. run “ap-iis-config.bat” to make IIS8.5 Perl compatible
  5. run “iisreset” to reset IIS and Perl is now active.

To make sure Perl is active you can go to IIS and click on the Handler Mappings feature. There you should find the Perl CGI for .pl handler with these settings:


Some users get this error message while running the ap-iis-config.bat file:
Use of uninitialized value $path in -f at ap-iis-config line 358.
The installation still seems to work though.