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How to opt out of dotnet telemetry

By default .NET core collects telemetry when you use it. Telemetry data should be an opt-in process and not ON by default. How do you disable it?

The DOTNET_CLI_TELEMETRY_OPTOUT environment variable must be set to 1 or true.

In Windows you can do this by running in the command prompt:


You can check if the environment variables by running “set” in the command prompt.

Window dotnet telemetry optout

Microsoft Windows .NET Framework 4.5.2 install errors

There will be some new posts about some typical Microsoft Windows situations. Where you think the solution should be simple, but it turns out it’s almost impossible.

Installing .NET Framework 4.5.2 on Windows 7

This should be simple, the latest Framework will show up on Windows Update for installation, but this gives an error:


Microsoft offers some solutions for this here. Luckily none of them works.
If you try to install .NET Framework with the offline installer you get a strange error:

Returning IDOK. INSTALLMESSAGE_ERROR [Overlapped I/O operation is in progress. ]

After trying so many things I wanted to give up. Than I found a small message on the Microsoft website from a guy named: RURajesh Upadhayay:

The fix of this issue is to rename c:\program data\microsoft\crypto\RSA\S-1-5-18 and try re-installation of .net again.

This was the solution found after many hours waisted…

No Bootable Device

Lately my PC (Windows 8.1) randomly ran into a problem and needed to restart. After the restart I get the message:

No Bootable Device
Strike the F1 key to retry boot, F2 to run the setup utility

F1 doesn’t help, but turning the PC off and on again does help and the PC starts again. I get this problem ones in a while.

One of the possible solutions to this problem is to search for corrupt files with SFC:

  1. Open Command Prompt (Admin)
  2. Run: sfc /scannow
  3. restart PC

SFC Scannow

After the restart I still had some corrupt files. You can filter the log (C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\cbs.log) with this CMD command:

  1. findstr /c:”[SR]” %windir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log >”%userprofile%\

Than I found corrupt files like these:

Cannot repair member file [l:24{12}]”sppc.dll.mui” of Microsoft-Windows-Security-SPP-Client.Resources, Version = 6.3.9600.16384, pA = PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_INTEL (0), Culture = [l:10{5}]”en-US”, VersionScope = 1 nonSxS, PublicKeyToken = {l:8 b:31bf3856ad364e35}, Type neutral, TypeName neutral, PublicKey neutral in the store, hash mismatch

Because these files where not altered after the Windows install, it turned out I had to repair my Windows image file where the sfc scan is checked upon, this can be done with the CMD command:

  1. Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
  2. Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

After the image repair the system scan (sfc /scannow) had a verification 100% complete with no corrupt files.

MySQL For Excel

MySQL For Excel is very useful to quickly update or insert Excel sheets to the MySQL database.  You can install the application with the MySQL Installer. I’m using MySQL For Excel 1.3.2 in Excel 2010.

To insert Excel tables to MySQL:

  1. Open Excel > go to Data Tab > go to MySQL for Excel:
  2. MySQL For ExcelOpen Local instance MySQL
  3. Open your Schema and table you want to edit
  4. Use Edit MySQL Data and click on OK when the preview is shown.
  5. Now to insert a lot of rows you need to exit the edit mode. Otherwise you can only edit the data and not add rows (only one by one), so to Exit Edit mode right click on the gray screen like so:MySQL For Excel
  6. Now paste the data into the sheet and select all the data (Ctrl+A) and select Append Excel Data to Table
    MySQL For Excel
  7. Make sure your column names match and click on Append. Check your MySQL table in Query Bench to make sure everything is there.



WMI Provider Host spikes CPU usage

The last couple of weeks my computer (running Windows 8.1) was working so hard steam came out of the exhaust. In the Task Manager I found WMI Provider Host was using about 25% of the CPU on my system.

On StackExchange the same question is answered. To find which services depend on WMI Provider Host: open Computer Management > Services > Windows Management Instrumentation and go to tab Dependencies.

Windows Management Instrumentation

Dell Data Vault causes problems

I’ve performed a Windows Clean Boot to find the service which was causing this. The spike takes place a couple of minutes after a reboot. In the end it turned out the Dell Data Vault / Dell Data Vault Wizard was the cause of this.

Afterwards I found Dell was aware of problems with these services, but running the Dell PC Checkup didn’t give any results…

Update (2015-07-30):
I just did a reinstall of Dell SupportAssist and this uninstalled the Dell Data Vault / Wizard programs. I couldn’t figure out what these programs are doing anyway. Dell Support said they collect data from .dll files, but not why this done.

Windows 8.1 chkdsk hangs after reboot

Windows 8.1 seems to hang after running chkdsk. The steps I followed:

Run “chkdsk c: /r” in CMD (admin) the program asks for a system restart:


After the restart Windows hangs with this message:

Scanning and repairing drive (c:): 10% complete

After waiting for 2 hour suddenly it reboots again and gives the message 100% complete and starts normally. See also this forum for more information.