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IIS 8.5 status error 500 and sc-substatus 19

I’m running a website on IIS8.5, but it gives me only a blank page and the following error in the IIS logs: status error 500 and sc-substatus 19

There is not much documentation on this error, the Microsoft website has a list with errors, with only the description: “Configuration data is invalid”. There is more detailed information here, but I didn’t get any Hresult codes.

After searching for clues, I finally found the solution: in IIS Manager, under the Server nameFeature delegation the IP Address and Domain Restrictions was set to readonly. This must be set to read/write in order to be able to get it working in the web.config. The same holds for the Handler Mappings in the web.config.


Microsoft Windows .NET Framework 4.5.2 install errors

There will be some new posts about some typical Microsoft Windows situations. Where you think the solution should be simple, but it turns out it’s almost impossible.

Installing .NET Framework 4.5.2 on Windows 7

This should be simple, the latest Framework will show up on Windows Update for installation, but this gives an error:


Microsoft offers some solutions for this here. Luckily none of them works.
If you try to install .NET Framework with the offline installer you get a strange error:

Returning IDOK. INSTALLMESSAGE_ERROR [Overlapped I/O operation is in progress. ]

After trying so many things I wanted to give up. Than I found a small message on the Microsoft website from a guy named: RURajesh Upadhayay:

The fix of this issue is to rename c:\program data\microsoft\crypto\RSA\S-1-5-18 and try re-installation of .net again.

This was the solution found after many hours waisted…

MySQL For Excel

MySQL For Excel is very useful to quickly update or insert Excel sheets to the MySQL database.  You can install the application with the MySQL Installer. I’m using MySQL For Excel 1.3.2 in Excel 2010.

To insert Excel tables to MySQL:

  1. Open Excel > go to Data Tab > go to MySQL for Excel:
  2. MySQL For ExcelOpen Local instance MySQL
  3. Open your Schema and table you want to edit
  4. Use Edit MySQL Data and click on OK when the preview is shown.
  5. Now to insert a lot of rows you need to exit the edit mode. Otherwise you can only edit the data and not add rows (only one by one), so to Exit Edit mode right click on the gray screen like so:MySQL For Excel
  6. Now paste the data into the sheet and select all the data (Ctrl+A) and select Append Excel Data to Table
    MySQL For Excel
  7. Make sure your column names match and click on Append. Check your MySQL table in Query Bench to make sure everything is there.



Using the MySQLProfileProvider

The ASP.NET MembershipProvider is also available for the MySQL database.

The Membership Provider doesn’t come with much fields for profile information, like firstname and surname. A shortcut to implement the name would be to use the “Comment” field instead. If you don’t use the comments off course.

An other way to expand the profile of a user is to use the MySQLProfileProvider. You just add the extra columns in the web config.

<profile enabled="true" defaultProvider="MySQLProfileProvider" inherits="UserProfile">
        <clear />
        <add name="MySQLProfileProvider"
             type="MySql.Web.Profile.MySQLProfileProvider, MySql.Web, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=c5687fc88969c44d"
             autogenerateschema="True" />
        <add name="firstname" />
        <add name="surname" />

This solution doesn’t work with an Empty Web Application, only with website projects in Visual Studio.

An example to extend the user profile with an Empty Web Application can be found on Jon Galloway’s blog and here.